AON126X01 Aluminum Chassis Brace 6s 8s Battery Mount


Arrma Senton Talion Typhon Outcast – Aluminum LCG Chassis Battery Mount

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The Hot Racing aluminum battery tray set with receiver box mount enables your Arrma to be setup with either 6S or 8S LiPo battery arrangements. The kit is compatible with 1/8 Arrma Kraton BLX, Notorious BLX, Outcast BLX, Senton BLX, Talion BLX, and Typhon BLX


– CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum
– Adjustable battery cell positions
– Accommodates up to two 3S LiPo packs side-by-side, or two 4S LiPo packs stacked


– One (1) aluminum battery tray
– One (1) Aluminum receiver box mount
– Four (4) battery position braces
– Three (3) battery hook and loop straps


– Assembly and installation
– Recommended to use medium thread lock on screws


– Replaces associated parts from stock Arrma AR320192 or AR320351
– For the Outcast, accommodates the 6S side-by-side format only

description revised by: SN January 30, 2019


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