ANN12FM01 Aluminum Center Brace Front Mount BXL 6S


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Hot Racing heavy duty aluminum Front brace BXL 6S the 1/8 Arrma Kraton BLX, Notorious BLX, Outcast BLX, Talion BLX, Infrection, Limitless Roller and Mojave . See vehicle model compatibility in comments below.


– CNC machined 60601 aluminum
– Anodized Black


– One (1) aluminum Front Top Brace mount


– Recommended to use medium thread lock on screws


– Replaces factory part of Arrma ARA320500
– Known to fit the following Arrma vehicle part numbers. The vehicle part number can be found on Arrma’s website, the literature that came with the vehicle, or on the vehicle box around the barcode. If a vehicle is marked below with the word “optional, ” then the part may fit, but may require some modification.
– Infraction: ARA109001
– Limitless: ARA109011
– Mojave ARA106058T1, ARA106058T2
– Kraton: AR106015, AR106018, AR106029/31 (red/green), ARA106040T1/2 (red/blue)
– Notorious: AR106034/6 (black/blue), ARA106044T1/2 (black/blue)
– Outcast: AR106021, AR106027, AR106032/3 (silver/orange), ARA106042T1/2 (silv/org)
– Talion: AR106014, ARA106048 (V4)


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