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AquaCraft Speed-Catamaran Motley Crew 2.4GHz RTR

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The Rock Star of Racing Boats!

The Motley Crew FE (Fast Electric) Catamaran captures the exciting style of Ron & Scott Roman’s world champion offshore racer right down to the licensed trim scheme. It includes all of the performance perks you’d expect and need—including a brushless power system and interference-free 2.4GHz radio—for dominating competition at the highest levels. It’s proven for competition, but it’s also easy enough for sport modelers to enjoy!

Stock Number: AQUB2101
Hull Length: 29.5 in (750 mm)
Beam: 10.4 in (264 mm)
Weight w/o Battery: 4.1 lb (1.843 kg)
RTR Weight: 5.2 lb (2.353 kg)
Requires: (2) 7.4V, 4200mAh (min) 20C LiPo battery packs and (4) “AA” alkaline batteries



The aggressively styled catamaran hull is hand laid-up from light, strong fiberglass—the perfect material for withstanding the rigors of racing.


The rudder and strut are genuine GrimRacer parts. They’re machined from aluminum for consistent performance and durability and black anodized for sharp looks.

Trim scheme

The trim scheme is an officially licensed and instantly recognizable reproduction of the full-size world champion.


The drop tub under the hatch has ample space, allowing for an efficient layout of the power system and battery packs*
*Batteries not included.


The 6-pole, 1800kV inrunner motor delivers top performance and features a machined-aluminum water jacket that controls heat and extends motor life.


The other key component of the power system is a brushless 60A controller that features a water-cooling system of its own.


Sealing the radio box and hatches is easy with GrimRacer Pro Radio Box tape. It’s not just water-resistant; it’s reusable!


The Motley Crew offers a performance advantage that most boats can’t match: a complete set of top-quality GrimRacer upgrades.


Items included

Tactic Logo

TTX300 3-Channel 2.4GHz Radio

Lightweight and comfortable, the TTX300 offers easy operation and some nice extras. Its third channel can be programmed to control any auxiliary function, including the operation of scale accessories. The TR325 receiver has a built-in fail-safe function; if the signal is lost, it returns the throttle servo to center, preventing runaways and damage to people and property. Endpoint adjustments on the steering and throttle channels let you control how much each servo is allowed to move—a feature that protects gear trains and offers new drivers more control over the throttle. Variable rate steering helps, too, by allowing drivers the chance to fine-tune response to their skill or preference. Other features include: trims, an internal antenna and fast, easy push-button linking.

SLT Logo

Dependability-protected by the SLT Protocol.

The Motley Crew includes:

  • An aggressive catamaran design
  • Assembled, fiberglass hull finished in licensed Motley Crew trim, factory-installed foam flotation and a complete complement of genuine GrimRacer hardware.
  • Factory-installed brushless power system including:
    • 6-pole, 35-56-1800 inrunner brushless motor with aluminum water cooling jacket and transom-mounted water pickup
    • Waterproof, water-cooled and LiPo-ready 60A controller with built-in BEC, stutter bump, low-voltage and thermal cut-offs and Star® Plug battery, 4 mm bullet motor & universal radio connectors
  • Tactic TTX300 3-channel radio with TR325 receiver & TSX200 steering servo
  • High-efficiency 0.150″ flex drive system with 3/16″ prop shaft, brass stuffing tube and low-friction cable guide.
  • Premium-quality GrimRacer performance hardware
  • Licensed, factory-applied Motley Crew graphics package
  • 42 mm 2-blade FRP prop
  • Display/workstand


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