This motormount bracket the stock mount. machined out of 6061 4 mm thick to offer superior support for the chassis

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This Motor brace for the REVO has proven it’s worth to the test drivers. It will keep the motor brackets from flexing and taking out the spur gears. To the best of my knowledge it will work with about any system on the market. You will need to drill (3) 3mm holes through the plate for additional bracing. This will tie the chassis and the brace togather for a rock solid setup. I have Drilled 3 holes as a starting point. If these holes do not work with your set up you may put them where they will do the most good for you The rear hole can be about anywhere as long as it doesn’t interfer with the starting systems. If you desire to put more bracing holes in , that’s fine. part no. 1020.

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