OBSO ProLine Caliber M3 Buggy Rear


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This is a pair of Caliber 2.2″ Off-Road Buggy Rear Tires. Pro-Line’s popular Caliber tread is now available for 1:10 Off-Road Buggy. Pick your class, weather it’s Mod or Stock, when it comes to tires…the choice is clear, it’s Pro-Line’s Caliber 2.2″ Buggy Rear Tires.

The Caliber takes tire technology to the next level by optimizing traction, control, balance, and tire wear with its dual-stage design. The smaller top pin penetrates through loose dirt while delivering unbelievable side and forward bite. The base pin works as a support for the top pin while acting as a dual-stage design once the top pin is worn down. You can rely on the base pin for greater tread life wear and it works well on those tracks that are prone to blue-groove or have a super clean surface.


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