Ball Bearing (15x21x4, 4pcs)


TKRBB15214 ? Ball Bearing (15x21x4, 4pcs)

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TKRBB15214 ? Ball Bearing (15x21x4, 4pcs)Inner axle bearings used with the new .4 CVA drive shafts.The .4 CVA?s have been redesigned with an oversized ball joint to reduce wear, resulting in improved consistency.? The stock UNI?s excel in bumpy conditions but on smoother tracks, our new CVA?s are usually going to yield faster corner speeds, quicker acceleration and?reduce weight transfer allowing you to grab more throttle earlier in the corner.These new bearings must be used with the other .4 CVA parts as a complete set (Driveshafts TKR8072,?Stub Axles TKR8070?and CV Rebuild Kit TKR8073) and are?compatible with the EB48.4 and NB48.4 buggies.


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