RC CAR RS 7.6V 6000mAh 5.0 mm Banana to T+XHR


RC CAR RS 7.6V 6000mAh-5.0 mm Banana to T+XHR-


COD: B-100C-6000-2S1P-HC-49-HV-LCG Categoria:
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Batterie LiPO 2 Celle – RC CAR RS 7.6V 6000mAh-5.0 mm Banana to T+XHR-
Dimensioni: 140 x 48 X 23
Peso: 265g
Connettore: 5.0 mm Banana to T+XHR

Gens ace 6000mAh 7.6V 100C 2S1P Series with Black HardCase Lipo 49# 


– Product Type:hard case lipo battery pack
– Capacity: 6000mAh
– Voltage: 7.6V
– Max Continuous Discharge: 100C (600A)
– Max Burst Discharge: 100C (1200A)
– Weight: 265 g
– Dimensions: 140*48*23mm
– Balance Plug: JST-XH
– Discharge Plug: 5.0 mm Banana to T+XHR
– Recommended: 1-3C Recommended,
– Hardcase Number:49#


The Gens ACE RS 6000mAh 2S High Voltage Low Center Gravity stick pack is special made for 1:10 on road modified class.

EFRA & BRCA legal

Suitable model: XRAY T4/ Yokomo BD8/ Serpent 4X and so on.