Mancorrenti sul tetto RPM (protezione antiribaltamento) per quasi tutti i comuni camion 1/8 e 1/10



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Not long ago, we released our Roof Skid Rails (RPM80312) for the X-Maxx and they are a hit! We?re now offering a more versatile option with our Body Skid Rails to fit most popular vehicles in the 1:5 ? 1:12 scale ranges(and more).

These new Body Skid Rails will fit nearly any scale. The only requirements are, the surface must be featureless, flat or curved and have a minimum of at least 3? (76.2mm) of open area. Our unique, segmented design allows our rails to literally bend around curves. That means all those cool contours of your body won?t flatten out once installed!

The coolest feature, and only available from RPM, is that there are no screws protruding outside of the body. Without external screws, these Body Skid Rails can be worn almost paper thin and never contact a metal screw before needing to be replaced. How is this possible? We designed 1/4? (6.35mm) bosses that extend below the body surface to bolt the screws in place! The keeps the threads of the screws below the surface of the body. Simple and ingenious.

RPM Body Skid Rails are symmetrical and reversible! If one side wears down, simply flip it around for double the wear capability.

Molded in our extremely tough and durable engineering grade nylons, you can rely on RPM to protect your ride!

Tech Notes: Sold in pairs. At least 1/2? (12.7mm) of clearance under the body where they mount is required for proper installation.


  • Fits nearly any scale
  • Segmented design allows our Body Skid Rails to bend around curves
  • No mounting hardware protruding outside of the body
  • Symmetrical and reversible for added longevity
  • Sold in pairs


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