SUNPADOW 6100-14,8V-4S1P-100C – XT60 – Soft Case – 47*44*135



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Product Detail

Professional R & D team, reliable quality.

 Optimum cell manufacturing, stable performance.

Suitable for on-road, off-road , crawling and all terrains. 

One-year warranty, perfect after-sales service, trouble-free.

Special price for domestic sales.

SUNPADOW 6100mAh-14.8V-4S1P-100C ERC Plus Lipo Battery


Parameter:  6100mAh-14.8V-4S1P-100C 

Wires: Silicone

Wiring: Side wiring

Plug: XT60

Size: 135*44*47mm

Weight: 565g

Suitable for: Big X big C MCD and other crawler


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