Team Associated – 91897 – TEAM ASSOCIATED B6.3 FT STEEL BULKHEAD 25/30 DEGREE – (AS91898) – Cod. AE91897


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Factory Team introduces a new tuning option for off-road 12mm shocks. The new 2mm thickness V2 shock pistons decrease damping and pack compared to their standard 2.5mm thickness kit counterparts. Keeping the same 2-hole valving, the shorter thickness piston allows for faster fluid flow, and less pack (pack = increased rate of resistance) while the shock takes fast impacts from jumps and bumps. This results in a small shift, giving the car more traction and less pack, which racers can tune for an advantage in a wide range of conditions.

Pro Tip: Adjust Team Associated shock oil +2.5wt up to +5wt thicker (ex: 30wt increase to 32.5wt OR 35wt). You can run the 2mm thickness pistons with a thicker oil, and it will still handle good in bumps.


  • RC10B74.1
  • RC10B74.1D
  • RC10B6.2
  • RC10B6.2D
  • RC10T6.2
  • RC10SC6.2 (and older RC10B6 series models)

Some rule-of-thumb cases for using the 2mm thickness vs. 2.5mm thickness pistons:

Use optional 2mm thickness in cases where you want less pack, better bump handling, or slower responsiveness. Conditions to try:

  • To increase grip on low-traction dirt tracks
  • High-traction tracks with bumps or when you need a more forgiving overall feel
  • Running lightweight LCG batteries (lower overall car weight) to make the car less responsive and easier to drive

Use standard 2.5mm thickness pistons for more pack, higher responsiveness, and a more responsive feel.

  • Current Team Associated kits come with 2.5mm thickness 2-hole pistons — usethese as a baseline for comparison


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