Bell Cranks and Top Plate (2.0)


TKR9104 ? Bell Cranks and Top Plate (2.0)


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TKR9104 ? Bell Cranks and Top Plate (2.0)TKR8104 includes several all new parts to improve steering response and support the TKR8100 Ackermann plate. New bell cranks accommodate the extended mounting locations for the TKR8100 Ackermann plate. The top plate has been modified to provide increased steering throw and the servo saver halves have been redesigned to?improve steering response. ?For the most responsive and direct steering possible, use the new solid bell?crank instead of fully tightening the servo saver.Vehicle CompatibilityTKR8104 is compatible with and highly recommended for all variants of the EB48, EB48SL, NB48, ET48, NT48, and MT410 as overall consistency is greatly improved.RequirementsTKR8100?Ackermann Plate and also TKR1403 M3x10 Button Head Screws.


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