Xray XB8 2020 – 1/8 Luxury Nitro Off Road Car


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All-new 4mm longer chassis for improved stability

Longer center rear driveshaft to match the new chassis

All-new front shock tower with 2nd row of lower shock mounting positions for tracks requiring higher corner speed and more stability

Updated roll center position on front shock tower to extend set-up possibilities

All-new lightweight flywheel for faster engagement Hard clutch springs for improved engagement

Ultra-efficient pre-glued brake pads for improved braking efficiency and consistent braking characteristics 48T spur gear for improved acceleration

Redesigned center upper deck to fit the 48T center spur gear

All-new fuel tank with transient jet for more consistent tank pressure and to ensure constant volume

All-new redesigned IFMAR legal rear wing increases stability in all conditions

Front and rear CV drive shafts included for increased traction and easier maintenance

All-new greased bearings for pinion gears and diffs for increased reliability +2mm offset wheel hubs for rear suspension

New shock bodies revised to accept new composite shims for improved shock shaft movement Includes 4-dot front shock springs Includes hard composite radio box for chassis stiffness and reliability in hotter temperatures, improved precision of servo movement and more space for the receiver battery pack

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Xray XB8 2020 - 1/8 Luxury Nitro Off Road Car
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