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Don?t let failed caster blocks ruin your day of fun. RPM Heavy Duty Caster Blocks for the ECX Boost, 2wd Circuit, 2wd Ruckus & 2wd Torment are designed to prevent downtime and keep you running! We redesigned the overall geometry of the caster block, increasing the thickness of the walls in key breakage areas by as much as 20%! We also integrated a strengthening rib down the center-line of our caster block to improve the overall rigidity, helping to reduce or completely eliminate the possibility of a hard hit yanking the king pin screws out of the spindle block.
Each RPM caster block is molded from our incredibly tough blend of engineering grade nylons for proven performance anddurability.

Tech Notes:
 RPM Heavy Duty Caster Blocks replace the stock caster blocks for both ECX #1090 and ECX #234000.


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