Shock Pistons (CNC, flat/flat, 4×1.9, 11.3mm2)


TKR6165 ? Shock Pistons (CNC, flat/flat, 4?1.9, 11.3mm2)

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TKR6165 ? Shock Pistons (CNC, flat/flat, 4?1.9, 11.3mm2)Another piston option is now available for all Tekno RC vehicles! These pistons excel when used with our NB48 and EB48 vehicles on bumpy tracks where less pack is desired. They produce more side bite and make the vehicle more consistent on ruts and bumps.Made from self lubricating Delrin material utilizing a new tapered shape, these CNC pistons have (4x) 1.9mm holes and are machined to perfection. Total piston hole area is 11.3mm? and can be used with all Tekno RC and other vehicles that use 16mm bore shocks.*Shock shaft and nut sold separately.


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