Braccetti posteriore nero Losi Mini-B (non adatto a Mini-T!!!)


Querlenker hinten schwarz Losi Mini-B (passt nicht Mini-T !!!)
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ll of these strengthening upgrades, combined with some of the best engineering grade nylons in the industry equate to a set of ultra lightweight replacement A-arms that have unmatched durability and performance. Place your trust in American made. Trust RPM.


  • The inner hinge pin bosses are roughly 20% thicker than stock (and dramatically thicker than first gen Losi A-arms).
  • We?ve increased the overall thickness of the A-arm by roughly another 25%.
  • Support beams are consistent on thickness and are roughly 50% thicker than some of the thinner stock supports.
  • Unique shock surround protects the lower shock bottom. It?s less prone to damage since the shock pivot ball is captured and no longer fully exposed.


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