SUNPADOW 9800mAh-7,6V-2S2P-140C – – STICK – 139*47*25,1



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Sunpadow High-end Platin Shorty LiHV Competition Lipo

Sunpadow’s high-end Platin series has released four new high-voltage?HV? Lipo batteries. The new HV products will further improve the competition-grade application coverage of Platin series products. The super-conductive material used in its formula can greatly reduce the common swelling phenomenon of car model batteries while improving the discharge performance. The four new products released this time include 8200mAh stick, 6500mAh and 6100mAh stick ULCG and 5500mAh shorty pack, which correspond to 1/10 ISTC Stock/Modified class and electric off-road class, etc. The features of different models were all developed separately to match the highest competition level.  Sunpadow plans to launch more HV competition Lipo battery products, we believe the new products can bring you a more perfect experience!

SUNPADOW 9800mAh-7.6V-2S2P-140C Lipo Battery Platin


  • Product Name?9800mAh-7.6V-2S2P-140C
  • Configuration?2S2P
  • Capacity?9800mAh
  • Voltage?7.6V
  • Burst Rate?140C

    • Dimensions?139*47*25.1MM
    • Connector?5MM
    • Weight?325g


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