Xerun 4268SD Brushless Motor G3 2200kV Off-Road



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1/8th power system of pure sensor mode

Built-in chip for being easily identified by ESC when pairing with Hobbywing XeRun XR8 series of ESC, the motor can work in the ?Sensored? mode at all times, providing better manipulating performance and delicate feel.

1/8th power system & Turbo Timing technology

When this motor pairing with Hobbywing XERUN XR8 series of ESC can start Turbo Timing technology which succeeded in 1/10 On-Road contest. The motor can release maximum power instantly. The maximum speed can be promoted by 50%. Easily win your rival.

The mechanical turbo timing of motor can be accurately adjusted in both directions (CW / CCW)

The mechanical turbo timing can be adjusted between 20-40?. It is convenient for driver to calibrate accurately output power of motor and meet power requirements of various application. The efficiency is improved greatly, effectively reduce the temperature rise. Compared with XERUN 4268/4274 G2, the motor structure is greatly optimized, the efficiency is improved by 6% or so, which reduce the motor temperature rise effectively (Reduce heating).

Safe and reliable 1/8 motor Hall sensor system

The motoradopts the patent technology of “error-free” Hall sensor system, the independent high-speed and high-precision encoder always outputs pure rotor position signal, which effectively avoids the interference of sensor signal and makes themotor work stably in sensor state.

Excellent dustproof performance

The Off-Road motor is IP5X. Its excellent dustproof performance can easy to overcome various Off-Road dusty track environment.

Note: Only 4268-1900KV/2200KV and 4274-2250KV are IP5X.

Light weight

The design of 4268 SD G3 is optimized which reduce the weight of motor. The weight of 1900KV / 2200KV is 315g / 285g respectively. And the weight of 4268 motor is 330g, 1900kv / 2200kv is 20g / 45g lighter than peers. The light motor is convenient for the driver to adjust the balance performance of vehicle.

Low Cogging Torque

The motor has low cogging effect and small torque pulse. It is very smooth at low speed and has superb manipulating performance.

Advanced material in the industry and outstanding product design

  • It was made of a single piece of aluminum bar processed by CNC precisely. There isn?t any gap or a screw on the surface of the body. There is a silicone dustproof seal ring surrounds the sensor base. The details show originality.
  • The front cover contains two pairs of M3 and two pairs of M4 screw holes, which are suitable for various mounting bases.
  • The outlet terminal uses widened U-shaped gold-plated curved copper bar, which has very low internal resistance and is easier to weld.
  • The R-class insulation material at 240 ? C, the special high-strength adhesive at 340 ? C, and international top brand bearing can easily cope with the fierce contest.

Various specifications and models, covering 1/8 various applications

  • 4268 On-Road contains 2000KV/2800KV, which respectively used for 1/8 Pancar and 1/8 On-Road contest.
  • 4268 Off-Road contains1900KV/2200KV,which respectively used for 1/8 Off-Road different size tracks contest.
  • 4274 2500KV is suitable for 1/8 Off-Road Entertainment and 1/8 Truck contest.


Brushed/Brushless: BL
Sensored/Sensorless: SD
Pole Count: 4
KV Rating: 2200KV
LiPo: 2-6s
No-load Current(A): 4.1A
O.D. (mm): 42 (1.654in)
Length (mm): 67.8 (2.699in)
Shaft Diameter (mm): 5.0 (0.197in)
Weight (g): 285g
Front Bearing: D16*D5*T5
Rear Bearing: D11*D5*T5
Timing: 20-40 Degrees (Adjustable)
Applications: 1/8th Off-Road


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